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PARAGLIDING in Westendorf, Tyrol

Nice pictures!
Paragliding or Parapente

Contens of this Menu:

1) Flying general 2) The site Choralpe

FLYING GENERAL: Paragliding is flying with a soft wing. Paragliding is the easyest way of flying. This does not mean that it's simple but everyone can learn this art of flying. Westendorf is besides skiing a magnificient area for paragliding and other sports.

Westendorf belongs to the biggest ski-resort of Austria. A holiday in Country-house Ambiente is pre-eminently suitable for a FLY & SKI holiday even if your partner for instance doesn't fly. The months March and May are ideal, up to and including Eastern.

THE FLYING-SITE: Westendorf with mountain Choalpe has magnificent take-off places where you can start mostly certainty if you can start backwards. The altitude amounts almost 1000m. You can start in 3 directions. In the morning often Eastwards and in the afternoon Westwards.

para-6 Map
Take-off West Big Landing area
Behind the top on the East-side take-off there you wil find a kind of hollow in the mountain that wil be warmed up through the morning sun. There are lots of take-off places in East directions and West direction as well. Sometime you have to start from the North slope not for the beginner because this slope is very steep. The landing area is very big means ideal for novice pilots. The landing-place are very near to the cablecar and parking place so a lot of take-off can be take-place. At the cable-car ticket office special advantageous pilot ticket can be buy. Under the cable-car building you will find the pilot's café, pilot shop and Paragliding school. Here you will find the latest weather information too. Concerning the East take-off, sometimes it is possible that you can't get lift to fly over the edge at the left side because of sink then you have to fly straight away, over flat area below and then to the left around the Choralpe in the direction of Brixen village. At the foot of the Choralpe you will see a camping, along the camping there is an emergency landing-place, you can see it directly from above. If you flying directly to reach this landing-place then you have enough altitude to investigate the wind direction to get a soft landing.

Klick on Download for the panorama map in .pdf-Format (337kB).

XC Brixental is also suitable for XC, get altitude on East take-off side of Choralpe, cross over the valley to Hohe Salve end further into Brixen vally or in direction of Wilder Kaiser mountain, more XC info on German page (German language) only.

In this surrounding there are lots of interesting flying areas to fly and to do more flying experiances.

Last update 1.12.2012

Nice pictures!

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